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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1992 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Help!! Missing in action! - 37
06/05/02     Jennie Surratt Taylor  (1992)      yankeebell@earthlink.net
Hello class of 92'
We still need address for the following people....

Bramer, Shanna
Cahill, Tiffany N
Callaway, Nakia L
Carter, Larry C
Coleman, Chad C
Corcoran, Shawn P
Cox, Laraine
Dalton, LaTara
Davis, Valarie L
Day, Michelle M
Deloach, Emily P
Fite, Chad A
Gardner, John L (did not respond to email)
Gill, Melinda L
Gravely, Catrina L
Hairston, Ronald
Hampton, Alissa L
Hightower, Lisa K
Hughes, Stacy L
Inge, Alfred
Inge, Antonio L
Kent, Demitrius
Kent, Sharrika M
King, Kimberly L
Kirby, William A IV
Larue, Daniel J
Law, Edith A
Lipford, Tara
Manns, Antonio D
Martin,Taneka R
Meadows, Paula Diane
Millner, Lolitta
Minter, Darcey L
Minter, Lloyd
Painter, Travis L (did not respond to email)
Palmer, Stephanie D
Park, Mark G
Penn, Debra D
Pettie, Tamesha J
Preston, Tamika
Price, Tomeka P
Reed, Elizabeth I
Roden, Chuck E (did not respond to email)
Smith, Tiffany E
Tarpley, Stephanie F
Vipperman, Phillip S
Wade, Ralph M
06/07/02     Tammy Beam Gamez  (1992)      tame7301@yahoo.com
Re: Help!! Missing in action!
Hi Jennie you can ask Kathy Ayers how to get in touch with Shanna Bramer she might know...Tammy
06/10/02     Rhonda Hall Dibble  (1992)      charmedbyu2000@yahoo.com
Re: Help!! Missing in action!
Daniel J Larue works at Dollar Tree at Wal-mart shopping center. He is the Asst. Manager there. He goes by Jason. I also see Valerie Davis recently, she is expecting a baby in July and she still lives in Martinsville/Henry County area.
06/12/02     Rhonda Hall Dibble  (1992)      charmedbyu2000@yahoo.com
Re: Help!! Missing in action!
okay Jennie this is all i could find! I hope this will help in the search:

Alfred Inge
706 Melody Lane
Martinsville, 24112
(276) 638-6146

Daniel J. Larue
907 Cole Street
Martinsville, Va 24112

Tara Lipford
216 College Street
Martinsville Va 24112
(276) 632-4920

Taneka R. Martin
1118 Drewy Road
Martinsville, Va 24112
(276) 632-0873

Paula Meadows
115 Spring Street
Martinsville, Va 24112

Mark G Park
1521 Kenmar Drive
Martinsville, Va 24112
(276) 632-1994

Debra Penn
117 S Moss Street
Martinsville, Va 24112

Tomeka P Price
1446 Fayette Street
Martinsville, Va 24112

Elizabeth Reed
250 Hendricks Ct
Collinsville, Va 24078
(276) 957-2277

Darcey Minter--This is her dad's address and phone #. Im sure you can find out more info from him.

1008 Graves Street
Martinsville,Va 24112
06/17/02     Cindy Poindexter Hill  (1992)      cynthiaphill@aol.com
Re: Help!! Missing in action!
WOW! Thanks, Rhonda!
08/21/03     Tamesha "Pettie" Matthews  (1992)      stronginbattl@yahoo.com
Re: Help!! Missing in action!
I was never missing you all simply didn't look very hard. Too bad I missed the reunion. I am now Tamesha Matthews my address is now 183 Alview Dr. Lizella GA 31052 can you dig it. I was in Martinsville the whole time I recently moved to GA. My number was even listed in the (Martinsville) phone book. Well, I am through venting for now. I am married with (2) sets of twins y'all know I am having a hard time and then y'all sit up and treat me bad. Just because I am a preacher's wife don't mean I can't have fun either. SMELL YA LATER!!!! Smile, LOL and all that stuff. *&&*%$&#%^ and that's how I cuss now. So there!!!
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