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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1995 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
helo everybody - 40
04/01/02     Drew Ramsey  (1995)     
Remember me? I miss hanging out, especially with some of you ladies I used to creep on.

I'm living in Raliegh NC with my wife and 3 kids. I sell roses in nightclubs and work at Silver String in the Raliegh mall, piecing ears. If you want your ears pierced, I can hook you up with a discount. Roses are $3 for one, $5 for 2.

Re: helo everybody
What a shame that some of us still have not grown up. Can't say it's surprising, however. Maturity is great ... why don't you join the rest of us there?
04/09/02     Drew Ramsey  (1995)     
Re: helo everybody
Nice work, calling me out and not signing your name to the post. Is that mature?
04/09/02     Drew Ramsey  (1995)      dsramsey2001@yahoo.com
Re: helo everybody
And besides, I'm proud of little Johnny, Samantha and Elroy. We may not have much, but, heck, we're doing the best we can!!!! With the economy the way it is and all, a man's got to be proud of whatever job he can hold down. Anyway, the way the weather's been holding up, the flower's are coming in right nice. I reckon I'll have the prettiest doggone roses this side of Hwy. 220. Yep, before long I'll not only be in the roses business, but I may begin selling Pumpkins in October...maybe even watermelons in July. Who knows, when Johnny gets old enough, I may even start with the Christmas trees or Easter Lillies. You mix in my wife's take from the State Fair painting children's faces on Saturdays, and we're doing just fine!!!!
04/16/02     Heather Minniear      dolphinfc01@hotmail.com
Re: hello everybody
What's up Drew! Haven't seen you in ages! I"m glad to hear you have a family and are doing well. I am living in Roanoke and working, still single, no kids yet. I still visit good old Martinsville sometimes, the folks are still there. If I ever drop into Raleigh, I'll look ya up!
01/10/03     Steve M Bedsole  (1995)      chosenofyahweh@yahoo.com
Re: helo everybody
what's up drew! i remember you but i don't know if you remember me. how long have you been married? i have been married since oct of 97. hope to hear from you. i work at wal mart in goldsboro, nc.
01/10/03     Stephanie Crigger Lynch  (1995)      scrigger@martinsville.k12.va.us
Re: helo everybody
Drew, Drew, Drew,
Well you never gave me roses! Glad you finally replied to save your name. Harrison and I were wondering who would pull such a prank on you! Hope you are well!
01/31/03     vincent hairston  (1995)      vhairston@digdat.com
Re: helo everybody
Hey, Drew! What's up man?

Come on, tell me that this is a joke that your'e married with 3 kids. Well I never! If it is true CONGRATS!! No, seriously, its good to hear from you guys. Your'e in Raleigh? Well I was debating on moving to Charlotte in the near future. Who knows we might run up on each other. I'm kind of settled right now. I just got a house in Laurel Park and will probably be here for awhile unless a job carries me elsewhere. I too am at the jr. high with Stephanie and Mandy (Weigel) Horsely. Well, I've been on this sight long enouigh and I must surf other grounds so hollar at me, dude!
03/12/03     Riddle  (1995)      scrat25@yahoo.com
Drew, its been a long while.Im glad to see you are doing good,and buy the way congrats on the engagement. My grandmother sent me the clipping from the newspaper.Im on deployment in Maryland has an MP if you can belive that.I still see Brad whenever I get a chance, Im sure he says hi.
03/29/03     malinda daniel -hodge  (1996)      malindambd3@aol.com
Re: helo everybody
oh my goodness Drew i am so proud of you and your new life you keep your head up and don't let no one stop you from reaching your goals i guess you still remember me we where in mrs j 's class lol and mr T's class ok thank me later ha ha remember malinda daniel we also did some plays together i think i am in New York married with 2 boys so i know that your hands are full keep up the good work daddy !!!
04/02/03     ANDREA HAIRSTON  (1995)      Andrea_N_Hairston@email.whirlpool.com
Re: helo everybody
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