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2003 Old Dawgs reunion - 54
10/12/03     Esther Sparks Powell  (1956)      powellrs@kimbanet.com
Although this second get-together didn't have
quite as large a turnout as the one in 2002,
it was still a very enjoyable event.

It was great to see Ralph and Jean Pruitt who came all the way here from Pennsylvania.

What Mavahi reunion would be complete without Ann Minter Been and her husband, Paul, here from Colorado? Rip Moser, Benny Eanes, Susan and John D. Martin, Sandra Fulcher Puckett, Carol Shropshire Pratt, and
Puddin'Flannagan Wallace are some others who were there from Class of '56.

Many of us were overjoyed to see Dr. Lloyd
Lawrence ('57) and his lovely wife, Eleanor, from Chatham, especially since Lloyd had been having some health problems this past year.

A.J. Dillon and his family, along with his sister, Ruby and her husband, from Maryland. Nina Long Hall, Lonnie Carter and his pretty sister, Joyce (and her husband), also Roger and Sue Love, Nancy Draper and
her daughter, Kim (only child and spoiled
rotten...joke). Harrison Stoots and wife Ruby, Lucy Tyson Lemons, Merle Brigman Duffy, Edgar White, Billy Wade.

Shoot, there are just too many to name at one sitting. You all will have to post your own messages and list the ones that I didn't get around to.....or better yet, plan to come to the next one and see for yourselves.

Pat Stanley ('62), displayed several nostalgic pictures from her class. I was really impressed by the excellent job she had done in putting together a scrap-booklet of pictures and info on each classmate of '62 that has passed away.

A very nice school employee named Mark took
us on a tour through the school. Half the
time I didn't know where I was, though. I
heard others admitting later that they didn't
recognize a lot of the areas, either. The
auditorium seemed the same, though. Couldn't
help but note that these middle-school kids
get to sit on padded seats....maroon, too.

Some of us were shocked to learn that possibly the occasional droplets of moisture sophomores use to feel during assembly probably wasn't a leaky roof or pipe, but most likely eighth graders spitting down from the balcony. Funny the confessions you
hear in life once the statute of limitations
runs out.

After Saturday's picnic was cancelled, Kathy
Foster was able to get the gym for a SOCK HOP
in the evening. That was a lot of fun, too.
My sister, Anna Sparks, and brother, Philip Sparks were glad that we came back for it.

Pizzas were ordered from Domino's, but when
they were delivered, Kathy was told that they
were compliments of the company. We thought that was a really nice gesture. I, for one,
plan to think of Domino's first for my future pizzas.

Thank you, Kathy, and all those who helped
to bring things together. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday and I am looking forward to the next one in the Spring of 2005.

10/14/03     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)     
Re: 2003 Old Dawgs reunion
Great report, Esther. You missed your
calling as a "reporter". You would have
made a great one. I really enjoyed seeing
all of the folks you mentioned. However,
you left out Moir Lee Hill, Junior. I had
not seen Junior Hill since the 50's. He
played a "mean shortstop" for the Bulldog's
baseball team. I was really disappointed
in the turnout for 'Old Dawgs II - but -
join you in paying tribute to Kathy Foster
and the other committee members for the ef-
forts they put out. God Bless all of you.

10/16/03     BENNY  (1956)      SENAEB @ MSN.COM
Re: 2003 Old Dawgs reunion
Esther named all of the MHS '56 reunion attendees except that "young" man with the horn from Euphoria VA (at least that's what he tells that Liz Taylor Warner said when she visited Emporia with her then-husband, Senator John Warner), John Crews. I went to the Sock Hop late but still got to see one of the Ol' Pine Street Gang, Jim Steagall of Burlington NC, whom I hadn't seen in a half-century! And there were some of the attendees who also braved the weather to see the New 'Dawgs win their football game. One in particular was Bill Wade from Tennessee who wore his gray monogram sweater with the varsity "M". That sweater hasn't stood up against the ravages of time as well as Bill has, but it still brought back great memories of his, as well as others, gridiron performances from the Nifty Fifties!!

10/17/03     Dr. David Sparks  (1962)      cdsparks@rjia.net
Re: 2003 Old Dawgs reunion
Thanks, Esther, for the fabulous report on the "Old Dawgs Reunion." It was informative,bright, encouraging, upbeat, inspiring, and just extremely well-written.

It sure made me wish that things had worked out for me to be there for that great occasion. Your report certainly gave us all a flavor and idea of how the day went.

Your message is just one more of the many reasons that I am so immensely proud of you as not only my sister, but my good friend.

Love & warmest regards,


10/18/03     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)     
Re: 2003 Old Dawgs reunion
I assume "BENNY" to be Benny Eanes. The
way you were "attacking" that breakfast at
Clarence's on Sunday - you must have really
"sock hopped" up a appetite. Seriously,
Benny, it was great to see you and shake
your hand again. If the Good Lord is will-
ing - Jean and I will be present at the 2004
rendition of the 'Old Dawgs affair. Til
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