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Tear Down The Cleveland Ave MAVAHI? - 54
01/31/04     Melvin D. Smith  (1963)      melvinsmit@msn.com
Should they destroy the Cleveland ave MAVAHI. It seems like alot of the alumni has done so in their minds. I for one still remember the days I spent there. I enjoyed the "ole dawgs" reunions and meeting with others who attended. Just talking to and seeing them brings back even more memories. Last year we had alumni from New Mexico,Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and proberly other states. Why more didn't show up surprises me. There was close to 150 friends there. I would hope that more are still alive. Why not enjoy yourself this October and attend and tell others. You didn't have to graduate from there only to have attended Cleveland Ave MAVAHI. There were even some "old" teachers there. For the ones that atteded last year, how did you like the "sock hop" on Saturday night? Enough for now, please make plans for Oct. 2004.
02/04/04     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Tear Down The Cleveland Ave MAVAHI?
Having attended both reunions so far, I am still puzzled at the number of former students who still live in Martinsville area or within close proximity that don't attend the reunions. I would like to see more of them attend and even assist in the planning/execution of this great annual event.
02/13/04     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)     
Re: Tear Down The Cleveland Ave MAVAHI?
My wife and I drove down for both 'Old Dawg
reunions from our home in Pennsylvania. On
both occasions we seen the Smith boys there.
Last year - Oct 2003 - was especially disap-
pointing to me. Less old students showed
up than there were at the original reunion
in May, 2002. It was sad for me to walk out
on what used to be Ben Ramsey field and see
that it was no longer in use. But - that is
progress because the Bulldogs have a newer
field now. We plan to drive down for the
next 'Old Dawgs affair and certainly hope to
see far more old students there. Make plans
now to be in attendance. Let's show the
"maroon and grey" spirit we used to have
long ago at Ben Ramsey.
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