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(Re-)Dedication of Ben Ramsey Field - 54
09/16/04     Lynda Wyatt Pulliam  (1958)      lpulliam@ci.martinsville.va.us
Hi Everyone! Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog. So, to all you former, current, and forever Bulldog athletes, fans, and enthusiasts, you are invited to attend a short ceremony on September 22, 2004, at
3:40 P. M. to (re-)dedicate Ben Ramsey Field. The field was originally named and dedicated in September, 1952, in honor of Benjamin Sterling Ramsey, an administrator who passed away while in service to the Martinsville City Schools at that time. However, no permanent physical marker was ever placed at the field site. Now, at long last, with donations from the Class of 1952 and Ashley's Monuments, and with installation under the direction of Bill Lester and his school maintenance staff, a beautiful marker has been placed near the entrance to the field and will be dedicated on September 22. With the state-of-the-art Dan Greene Memorial Stadium at the new high school, Ben Ramsey Field was not used for a long time but has been updated to a very nice facility and now used by the eighth grade teams. I know many of you are out of town but wanted to let as many know as possible. On a personal note, I am still with the Martinsville City Schools and, as of September 1, 2004, completed 46 years. I may not make 50 since talk of merger is gaining steam. My best wishes to all of you!
Lynda Wyatt Pulliam, Class of 1958
09/17/04     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)      crow4u@earthlink.net
Re: (Re-)Dedication of Ben Ramsey Field
Great writeup, Mrs Pulliam. Ben Ramsey
field holds many happy memories for me. The
last time I was there was in May of 2002 and
standing nearby was Carl H. "Rip" Moser III,
a man who offered many a thrill to fans
during his days as a Bulldog star. I will
be unable to attend the rededication cere-
mony but will certainly "check out" the new
permanent marker while in Martinsville to
attend 'Old Dawgs III. It is good to know
that Ben Ramsey field is still in use by
09/18/04     MOIR HILL  (1954)      mlbbhill@aol.com
Re: (Re-)Dedication of Ben Ramsey Field
09/30/04     BENNY  (1956)     
Re: (Re-)Dedication of Ben Ramsey Field
Thanks, Cuz, for the Ben Ramsey Field update! Like many folks I performed several forgettable moments on BRF, the most memorable, however, was as a JV football player when we played Brosville and the kid kicking off missed the ball. I thought the coach would pull me because I couldn't stop laughing when the kid made a second attempt at kicking off. Both teams shared the shower facility in the old Brown Street gym and I stood next to the kicker as I laughed again by telling how funny I thought the missed kick was. Fortunately, for me, he also found it to be funny.
10/07/04     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)      crow4u2@earthlink.net
Re: (Re-)Dedication of Ben Ramsey Field
Yo, Benny ... I played on that team, too.
Most likely Brosville's kicker was laughing
at us because they won. The Bullpuppies
were 0-4 that year. In spite of only 4
games ... it was a long season for me. I
was a 4th string guard behind Kenneth Willis
and Titus Sparks. To this day I am unable
to say who was 3rd string ... maybe Sally
Belle. It is sad to admit that a cheer-
leader may have been ahead of you on the
depth chart. You know ... I can recall
traveling to Roanoke to play Fleming and
Byrd ... but I have no memory at all of who
we played at Ben Ramsey. Doesn't really
matter ... WE LOST... No offense was in-
tended by suggesting Sally Belle as the 3rd
string guard. Sally Belle Whitener was an
excellent cheerleader ... a very fine person
... and pretty, too.
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