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  Martinsville High School Alumni
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To all Band Alumni: - 55
I have just discovered some of your messages!
It was GREAT to read your messages,I would love to see each and every one of you and catch up on what you are doing. I have so many great memoreies! I really think of all of you as extended family. So, drop me a line or come by and see us, still at 903 Clarke Rd. Oh, please don't toilet paper the tree in our yard, once is enough! Actually is was kind of fun! I caught them!
Thanks for the memories and stay in touch.
Mr. Mc
02/24/02     J.J. Whitlow  (1992)      jwhitlow@aol.com
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Mr. Mc,

Great to see you on this site. I hope all is continuing to go well for you. I think about you and the positive influence you have made in my life often. I can't wait to get back down that way and introduce you to my son, Austin. Take care and I hope you are enjoying retirement!

J. J.
03/11/02     Kathy Smith Sims  (1983)      turksangelkathys@netscape.net
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Dear Mr. Mac
I just saw your messsage! I have missed you so since I been away from Martinsville. I'm not too far away--I'm in Greensboro (although I have not been to Smith High School to see Ms. Butler's band march yet. I hear they are awesome. Weeellllllllll, look who trained him! :) ) with my husband and 2 1/2 year old son. One of these weekends when I'm up there, I'll run by to see you.

Take care!
Kathy Smith Class of '83
08/27/02     Susan Bridges  (1979)      susan@follyhill.com
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Hi Mr Mc
We love you, and will never forget those wonderful COLD nites and LONG bus trips home after the games!!
#2 Flutist (after Melodi, of course...)
Susan Bridges
10/15/02     Laura Segraves McBride  (1982)      gravytrain@earthlink.net
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Dear Mr. Mac,
Your love of music and great leadership stuck with me even to this day. I wanted you to know that I now have a 16 year old son who is a pit percussion leader in the Varina High School Marching Band in Richmond, VA! He is so talented.I talk about you all the time as an example of why to stick with it. I hope you have a wonderful retirement, you sure deserve it.

12/26/02     Steve Wilson  (1974)      swilson@ulso.com
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Mr. Mac,

Even after all these years, my memories of band class with you are both vivid and fond. I hope that my children are lucky enough to have a teacher like you to make music fun and exciting. The title character in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus reminded me of you in many ways, although I never heard you complain about anything - even when the stage band got out of hand before a concert. Thanks for your wonderful influence during my high school years. I'd love to hear from you if you want to drop me an e-mail one of these days.
01/30/03     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: To all Band Alumni:
I must say that my most memorable times in high school were with the marching band under the tutelage of Mr. Mac. I know fellow Baritonist Eddie Dameron (1968) and I probably drove him nuts. Not sure if I imagined this or not but am I correct in stating that there were no baritones in the Xmas parade? "Where have all the baritones gone...long time passing"
06/20/03     Angela East  (2001)      adeast@campbell.edu
Re: To all Band Alumni:
Mr.Mc it was an honor to hav been in MHS Bulldog Marching Band,concert,symphonic with you as a leader..miss you..alot. Believe you are currently doing some music with Woodalls? Great! Take Care..Angie E. Yes,still have & play my FLUTE!
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