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  Martinsville High School Alumni
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Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions.. - 55
09/30/01     Bill Adams  (1970)      Billadams@tripeds.com
I wonder if anyone else has stayed in the music business. I look up Johnny Bryant every once in a while, I just knew then that he was an innovator. He's in Texas. There's info on the web about him. He wrote a great letter to the editor about Ringo a few years ago. Another band once called Phyreworks. Here is a cool video with him and his group D-drum:


BTW I am just a web nerd, finding info,not claiming to know how Johnny is doing, he was always just a super guy.

Any other people out there that have pursued, recorded, distinguished, innovated, instructed, musically? (Not me!)

Also, when was the first Martinsville High school band established?
How many directors have there been? I had Mr. Mac and Mr. Shank.
Bill Adams 1970 Tuba
01/18/02     Randy Shank  (1969)      rshank@vt.edu
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..

I was just looking over Mavahi website...to answer your question on
first band at Mavahi it was 1946 or 47 I think and you guessed it, started
by Mr. Ralph Shank. Other folks in music ? Gray Stiff has a jazz combo
in Birmingham, Alabama and Johnny Fultcher was a church organist for
many years and I think David Sampson plays professional trumpet in Ohio
somewhere....and Dawn (Chappell) Shank and I went on a cruise two weeks ago
and she sang "The Shadow of Your Smile" in the piano bar ( I don't think this counts

Randy Shank
11/02/02     Barbara Guthrie Cobb  (1957)      bcobb@charter.net
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..
Don't forget Johnny Crews, Class of '56, a great trumpeter! We grew up together on Prospect Hill Drive, and my parents saw him perform professionally a couple of times while on vacation -- once in Las Vegas and again in the Bahamas.

Does anyone out there know where he is now?
11/03/02     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)      rpru@earthlink.net
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..
Barb - John Crews now lives in Las Vegas.
He attended the 45th reunion for the Class
of 1956 in August, 2001. He played his
trumpet at that reunion. However, due to
my hearing impairment, I could not hear the
sounds. But, I am sure he can still play
that horn. In 1952 - at a football banquet,
John (then 15 or 16 years old) played a solo
of either "My Happiness" or "Because Of You"
that was fantastic. It is hard to believe
that anyone could have surpassed his per-
formance that night. I have an email ad-
dress that may still be current. Try
jacrews@hotmail.com. You may be able to
get him touch with him there.
11/03/02     Bill Adams  (1970)      BillAdams@TriPeds.com
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..
Cruisin' about John Crews

11/03/02 Bill Adams (1970) BillAdams@TriPeds.com

I found this message on blues singer Jonny Lang's website:

"Name: Lindsy Crews
Age: 16

"Hey Jonny- I just want to say that you are a great blues singer and you inspire many young people to sing/like the blues. I just want to tell you that if and when you come to Omaha, Nebraska where i live, you should ask for John Crews Blues to open up for you. Thats my dad's blues band, and they are great! They are making their second cd right now as I type this. But that would be cool cause i would love to meet you!!!! Much Love- #1 FAN -Lindsy Crews

---further on----
"Name: Lindsy Crews
Age: 16

"Hey- is this wierd or what, i posted that message and surely enough my dad's band is opening up for jonny lang! Ohh, how fun!!! Love- Lindsy "

12/02/03     Kathy Smith Sims  (1983)      preciousangel906@yahoo.com
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..
I know we are a lot younger than you guys, but there's another MHS Band Alum in the music business. Julia Harrell was drummer in class of '83; she's now in San Fransico with her own band. She has a website......and, of course the addy escapes me right now. I'll come back and post it on your page if your interested.
12/02/03     Kathy Smith Sims  (1983)      preciousangel906@yahoo.com
Re: Band Alums in the music biz? Three questions..
Julia Harrell's website is
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