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  Martinsville High School Alumni
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Knock, Knock. A Non-Band Member is Posting - 55
03/13/06     Dr. David Sparks  (1962)      cdsparks@rjia.net
February 12, 2006

Dear Mavahi Band Members, (past & present):

I noticed it had been a while since the last posting on this Band page, so please allow a non-band member a few thoughts...

Few, if any, of you will remember that I sat in the first chair saxophone in both the Mavahi Band and the Va. State Band. Both times they made me get out and go back to my seat in the audience! (ha). Actually, I did take piano from Mrs. Gardner. Also, nowadays I get many requests concerning my singing at church..
..... but I sing ANYWAY! (ha, again).

Seriously, if you played in the M.H.S. Band, you were among the elites as far as I am concerned. In the last 30+ years I've taught at various times in the public school systems of Virginia and North Carolina, and I have seen and heard a number of outstanding high school bands. In my humble opinion, NONE have exceeded the excellence of the Mavahi Band over the years.

You folks had a strict regimen to maintain in order to have such a superior band. Mr. Shank, Mr. Kreger, and others saw to it that our school ALWAYS was among the best.

As an "outsider looking in" I want to relay to you wonderful guys and girls of the band: I was [and still am] immensely proud of all of you. I gladly call you my friends.

A final thought to all of you band members: you have a MARVELOUS, PROUD HERITAGE. Hold your heads up high; and, for goodness sake, correspond w/each other more often, especially by posting on this Mavahi.Com Band Page. You hear?

With best regards from a long-time admirer,

David "Jesse" Sparks (Class of 1962)
02/13/06     C. Bruce Lupton  (1962)      Loopydade@cox.net
Re: Knock, Knock. A Non-Band Member is Posting
Well, well, David. 1st chair sax, huh. I will have to agree with you on the sound the MHS bands had under Kreger and Shank.
I joined a community band in Roanoke six years ago after I finally obtained and learned to play the alto and baritone saxes....A lifetime dream, now coming true.... We have a wonderful band director that gets the best out of a lot of folks like me that love music.... We sound pretty good, but we only play grades 3-5 music fairly well. Our MHS band consistently played the higher grade 6 music and obtained superior ratings in most cases. Yes, Ralph Shank was a great director and I feel proud to say I was once a part of it. I have been fortunate enough to communicate with one of the best alto sax players our band ever saw (Rick Shultz of the Melody Boys). We've been corresponding for several years now, remembering old times. Rick is in Panama.

Thanks again for remembering our efforts and taking the time to send your comments to the website....

Bruce Lupton ('62)
Oboeist MHS Band 1957-62
02/25/06     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Re: Knock, Knock. A Non-Band Member is Posting
David, it appears from your writing, here and other postings, that you cherish all of your childhood memories of Martinsville, the city, and high school. Of course, the best memories of "places" are those of the people who were living at that time with you. I share your sentiment about our childhood days in Martinsville. I do wish that more of our classmates would share their memories. I would like to know also if any of our classmates had life-changing experiences after high school. I have had a wonderful life since I experienced a change in the fall of 1964. Please keep your enthusiasm for the memories of events and friends of our past and your joy of living in the present. Jerry
02/25/06     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Re: Knock, Knock. A Non-Band Member is Posting
David, I also wanted to let you know that I was in the MHS band. I played clarinet( it was handed down to me from my brother Ronald),and in the symphonic band I played bass clarinet. I remember the Christmas parades, football games and bus trips: and of course, many of the band members. When I want to know now how long five yards is ( if I am alone) I just march eight steps. I was never first chair--I was so far down the line, I couldn't even see first chair. I enjoyed your mail. Jerry
05/28/06     Amanda  (1995)      goebel_amanda@hotmail.com
Re: Knock, Knock. A Non-Band Member is Posting
Well, David, as an actualy band member, I can tell you that it was my best memory from high school. I am an elementary school teacher in DC. I have never considered teaching high school, except for the fact that I might get the opportunity to help with the marching band. The band was so influential in all of my family's lives that Mr. Butler, one of the directors for me, was the DJ at my sister's wedding. Thank you for your kind words, and getting me to post on this website again :)
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