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Class of 1962 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
I Remember Roger Hodges - 9
12/21/10     Dr. David "Jesse" Sparks  (1962)      cdsparks@rjia.net
The passing of Roger Hodges brought to me a flood of great memories of a very precious guy.

In particular, I recall when my ship was docked in the Panama Canal Zone in 1965. I was in a "restaurant" in the little town of Coco Solo when I saw the familiar face of Roger Hodges. His ship had also just arrived that same day. Both vessels were transiting the Canal headed for the South Pacific.

We laughed, hugged and had a really good time that evening. We sang the alma mater together really LOUD. You know: "We hail the halls of honor, of justice and of might....." [At the time we could still remember all the words of that marvelous creation of Miss Ruth Pace.] No one else there knew what that song represented, but I can assure everyone that Roger and I were singing that song with a new depth of appreciation for good ol' Mavahi like we had never felt before.

Anyway, I recall a young man who had a jolly sense of good humor. He kept us all laughing.

His Sister-in-law, Rose Edwards of Bassett, shared with me the other day that Roger had made a life-changing decision for the Lord just recently, when a faithful chaplain of the local Hospice spent an eventful hour with him.

I am thankful for special people whom the dear Lord allows us to meet along life's way. Roger was one of those folks.

May the Lord bless Roger's wonderful family and may He bless the memory of Brother Roger Hodges to all of our hearts!

12/21/10     John C. Knoop  (1963)      knooper@cfl.rr.com
Re: I Remember Roger Hodges
Both my wife and I work for Hospice of the Comforter in Altamonte Springs, Fl. My mother-in-law died on hospice care and it was the most remarkable experience. The hospice folks are truly compassionate people.
12/22/10     Dr. David "Jesse" Sparks  (1962)      cdsparks@rjia.net
Re: I Remember Roger Hodges
To the John Knoops,

Thank you for your reply, John. The Hospice minstry is one of the most needful and appreciated endeavors anyone could volunteer for in this day and time.

I commend you both for what you are doing to alleviate some of the suffering and discouragement to so many hurting people.

Members of my own family (including my wife, Carrie, who died in June 2010) have had the good people of Hospice to minister and care for them in their crisis hours as they prepared to move from this world to the next. May the Lord bless you abundantly for the good work you are doing in His name.

David Sparks
01/27/11     Ken Wilson  (1964)     
Re: I Remember Roger Hodges
I remember Roger. He was funny and always ready to have a good time. He didn't have a mean bone in his body...I hadn't seen Roger in 40 years, but I remember him well. I too was in the Navy in 1965...AF 28 out of Norfolk. All my best to Roger's family
Ken Wilson
03/02/11     Bruce Lupton  (1962)      cbrucelupton@yahoo.com
Re: I Remember Roger Hodges
I remember Roger from the first grade, as does Ed, since we all went to Joseph Martin and lived in the Great Southside Area. My almost fondest memory, and I see it each time I look at my right hand and pinky finger, was when I was walking Sandra Fields home from school, and was on Starling Avenue. Roger was making fun of Sandy and I and I just took so much. I turned around, pushed him over a hedgerow that lined the sidewalks back then and then jumped over the hedge. I took a swing at Roger and he ducked. I hit his head and broke the bone in the hand that leads to the right pinky. We were freshmen then. I remember having to write left-handed for a month or more. We always were friends, even after that, but when I hold my hand out and try to put all the fingers together, my right pinky will not lay next to the ring finger. He will be missed.
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