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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1962 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Memories of Mavahi days. - 9
03/12/04     Bruce Lupton  (1962)      Loopydade@msn.com
In corresponding with Rick Shultz, a former Mavahi band member, we shared an email that had thoughts of the past, such as sitting on the front porch or leaving your houses unlocked. I responded to him with what you see below. He suggested I post it on the website, so here it is. Do you guys have any fond memories?? Let's hear about them.

1. Miss Powell's English class and her pretty neck scarfs. She was tough and was a no nonsense-type teacher, but I always liked and respected her.

2. Breaking my right hand pinkie finger hitting Roger Hodges on the head while protecting the honor of the girlfriend I was walking home with that day. My pinkie still sticks out to the right.

3. Football games at Ben Ramsey field, when it was cold during football season. Also, my falling through the stands sitting beside my father and mother watching a game after I left high school.
I jumped up and down after a Bulldog touchdown and the floor under me broke. I fell about 15 ft. straight through. I can't believe to this day that I didn't hit the other board with my chin or head or break anything when I hit. Unbelievable. I guess it paid off being skinny like I was in high school. Today I am 240 lbs. on a 6' 3" frame. Just a little stout in the belly but otherwise proportioned okay.

4. The smell of the old gymnasium on Brown Street and the "community showers." Today, that is probably not an option. Remembering the gross "death by car accident" photos in the classroom in that building when you took drivers ed. Mr. Stack (died young) taught me driving in on old '59 Chevy.

5. Looking at the John Phillips Sousa award plaque in the trophy case in the hallway.

6. Andy Foley making me take Algebra I in summer school when I got a C during the year. He said he knew I could do better and didn't try. I got an "A" in summer school, and in every math class throughout college. I was the "curve buster" with a lot of perfect scores. Some students hated that at the community college.

7. Being forced to kiss Sue Walker on the bus on a band trip when I was in the eighth grade. Yuck.

8. Wearing the old maroon uniforms in the Jr. High band when you upperclassmen got the new grey uniforms with the red and white capes and the white plumed hats.

9. Watching the girls smoke in the "hole" between the auditorium and the right hand hall. The guys had to smoke out back in the area between the two wings that stuck out from the cafeteria. I didn't smoke then. I did for a long while, but not in the past 20 years. Well, not much anyway.

10. Watching the school plays, especially attending one at a young age with my parents that was entitled "The Dam Dam." in reference to the building of Philpott Dam. Someone wrote a play based on that.

11. Watching the semi-pro ball players hit baseballs from the corner of Brown St & Water St to the gymnasium. That was big hit then and now. Some even hit the roofs of the houses on Water St.

12. Getting konked on the head by Derryl Lee Smith's baton at band practice when one of the senior football players forced me to pinch her on the behind. Ouch.....

What memories do you have.
03/25/04     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)     
Re: Memories of Mavahi days.
Thanks, Bruce - great write up! Reading
what you had to say was a "real trip down
memory lane for me". Especially hitting
baseballs on the roof tops of houses on
Water St. No one I ever seen could do that
with the consistency of a left-handed,
lanky, power-hitter from the class of 1952.
His name escapes me right now - Bobby some-
or-the-other. Again - THANKS FOR THE MEM-
07/04/04     MOIR HILL  (1954)      mlbbhill@aol.com
Re: Memories of Mavahi days.
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